Kids Zone


Kids Zone

Infancy is such period of life that is quite apt for providence of life skills, foundations of character and ignition of acumen. The kids zone is well equipped with all those tools and techniques to cater all round developmental atmosphere for the blooming kids that is the first exposure for them where they feel homelike i.e. relax, secured, motherly cared, while getting introduced with novel aspects of learning and awareness.
The best of Montessori Kindergarten, leaning with fun and frolic. Socially required aspect of awareness are the hallmark of the Pre-primary wing with exclusive assembly, podium for unveiling talents, spacious site for games and sports.
The school initiates in its excellent tactics for a fillip to the young scholars in their very own cultural activities built around festivals and other special occasions during which their social conduct,manners, communication and artistic skills are cultivated, enhanced and nurtured with great care and affection.
This focuses on the parents attention and cooperation to enhance their ward’s skills as the process of learning is many facet i.e. keen observation, Listening, imitation, comparison, identification etc.
The school is well prepared for such provision, however the parent’s contribution is solicited for.


Our vision is to supply a competent , cultured and responsible citizen to the society by

  • Ensuring physical , mental and moral growth of the students.
  • Inculcating social, ethical and patriotic temperament .
  • Providing with quality education to extract/ develop excellence in young explorers