Music and Dance

Music, as we know, has a calming effect on the mind. We have sessions where students listen to light music and are also provided with musical instruments, western and classical.
We strongly believe that we can extract aspiring students with genuine interest in music and dance with us.

Cultural Activities

We encourage students to exhibit their talent in cultural areas. We are committed to offering opportunities in Music, Dance and Drama for our students. We strongly feel these are the ideal ways to express themselves in front of the mass.

Co-Curricular Activities

Art and Craft have a special bearing on every student’s school life, since these activities add flavor, hue and joy to their creativity and self-expression.
We also have session of Visual Art, which allows a student to vent his/her imagination. We have well experienced teachers certified in arts to teach the best in the business for the budding artists of the future. Subject based activities are conducted as per schedule.