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Learning Facilities

The Moonstone International School provides good environments for learning.


Moonstone International School is affluent in all those devices , sectors and aspects that may extend the scope of seeking many facet knowledge and information with an extensive library where a great collection of books on various fields is there that provide the students with updated information along with primitive culture, tradition, literature, religious, philosophical, economic, political and historical facts. The supporting staff including experienced librarians are there who are on toes to facilitate the students in the selection of appropriate materials among the galaxy of books from the sanctuary.

Class Rooms

Moonstone International School provides state of the art classrooms with ergonomically designed desks and benches where students can comfortably accommodate.

Science , Computer and maths laboratories

The school provides favouratble ambience through advanced laboratories equipped with ultra-modern instruments / apparatus so that our young talents may enhance their technical skills practically under the vigilance of well trained assistants who are all- time high for any support and cooperation.

Smart Classes

As per the advanced need or requirement, the school has provided smart classes for Pre-primary, Primary, Junior and Senior Wings where students learn and develop the concept through audio-visuals, thus all the four legs of the learning process are serving their purpose of imparting complete awareness, intellect and elegance.